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Can we just appreciate how fucking amazing Mindy looked and how this dress is fabulous!! 


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john greens whole “date nerd boys” thing isnt just annoying its incredibly fucked up and unsafe the presentation of “nerd boys” as kind, intelligent boys who would never hurt you is something that abusers have latched onto and presented themselves as and i really fucking wish that someone had told me that before i had to figure it out for myself.

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grandpa Watchn Nicki Minaj Anaconda

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the most beautiful film

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"It’s disgusting. “I have a right to your naked body or images that you’ve sent to your husband, or lover.” It’s disgusting. It’s this violent, abusive violation of womanhood—of divine womanhood. It’s violent, and it’s misogynistic, and it’s revolting…..There’s a guy now taking these pictures and putting them up in an art gallery. What fucking right does he have to do that? It’s absolutely revolting."

- Andrew Garfield on the stolen private pictures of female celebrities (x)

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Watch Emma’s speech and take action

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A feminist just changed your crappy joke into a much better one.

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aziz ansari’s voice in the back of my head faintly telling me to treat myself is going to be my downfall

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